hej 2019

Amsterdam Barcelona see you in spring 🔥
tickets on sale monday 9 am through ionnalee.com

soundcheck BIME #EABFtour

bilbao you rainy and beautiful. am really looking forward to tonight’s show, which rounds up this summer’s so far 18 shows. it’s been such a huge experience and i thank backers, audience and supporters for having my back, for making this reality with me by our own force. in december i shall meet some of you again at @ovalspace in London and at @smolna38 in warsaw.
oslo, paris, amsterdam, mexico city, barcelona and santiago hang in there i am working as i am walking to come see you. 🖤

Bilbao Saturday

Bilbao heading to see you and your sceneries before my show at @bimenet saturday
photo by pandora winter

now body rest

woke up with stiff limbs after giving all i had and a little more at last nights sold out show at @berghain_ostgut. thank you for all your support. it was such a powerful moment to see you all so present and alive and i hope i made you all and this sacred space proud 🔥 got a few hours off to see the lovely ATP before leaving berlin 🖤

50 million views

50 million views on our releases on @youtube today 🔥thanks for following this adventure

tour opening prep talk

tour opening prep talk in london in may with jamie irrepressible, matilda and isac. so proud of how the show and we have grown throughout the summer and am looking forward to the fall 🖤
photo @karlviktorkumlin

rom Rio to NYC

from Rio to NYC on antibiotics. feel better now. tomorrow night i will finally see you again brooklyn at a sold out @musichallofwb 🔥
photo @elisadpaula


just got the news that my NYC show at @musichallofwb is SOLD OUT out 🔥 so excited, who will i be seeing?
photo @xian.naix

San Francisco 🖤

San Francisco 🖤
yesterday’s show at @mezzaninesf was such a thrill. i’m so proud and grateful for the forceful support and i hope you had as good of a time as we did🔥 seeing the sights and regaining strength with my tour manager @idacarlsen

los angeles tonight

debut show in LOS ANGELES @elreytheatre tonight 🔥so excited to see you there. @shaunross and @tungorna is opening. come closer my loves #EABFtour


jetlagged, nervous and full of love we kicked off the US leg of the #EABFtour last night in chicago. thanks to all who came out and supported my tour. it was big and i feel like a million jonnas 🖤
photo @andyyalcala

shaun ross

very excited to announce that the brilliant Shaun Ross will be opening for me in LA at the El Rey Theatre on aug 15 🔥TICKETS ionnalee.com #EABFtour


i'm returning after much love for the debut #EABFtour show. see you at Oval Space dec 10 🔥
PRE SALE now: ionnalee.com
photo tanya strekalova

1,000,000 streams

1,000,000 streams on @spotify today for SAMARITAN 🔥 thank you for listening 🖤 walking steady not blinded by the light.

a month to go

in a bit over a month me and the #EABFtour come to north America and Brazil. starting in Chicago we visit LA, SAN FRAN, NYC, SAO PAULO and RIO. cannot wait to see your faces 🔥 TICKETS > ionnalee.com


to summarise a decade of audiovisual work with #iamamiwhoami leading into my present is difficult but this short documentary is a brief recap that is intended to reflect the amazingness of an organic creation from start to finish as well as the making of the #EABFtour
watch in full on my IGTV or Youtube


for a few weeks here the sun doesn't set at all. we're on a break regaining some strength before the tour continues x


TIX now on sale for my US dates in august at ionnalee.com. see you soon 🔥 #EABFtour


aug 13 - CHICAGO @thebottomlounge
aug 15 - LOS ANGELES @elreytheatre
aug 17 - SAN FRANCISCO @mezzanineSF
aug 28 - NEW YORK CITY @MusicHallofWB

TICKETS on sale for all this friday at ionnalee.com
photo by andreevphoto

manta ray

me sneaking up on creatures #1
i held my breath so long above this manta ray

we had an amazing night at slaktkyrkan in stockholm 🔥

i didn't know what to expect playing home turf at venue for the first time in 10 years but you gave all and jag kommer minnas detta alltid. tack. and thank you for support dear Claes forever friend and colleague and super crew Alexey John Johan Matilda Isac Klas and Viktor and tour opener Tungorna #EABFtour


have been able to land a little after london and after these past years of EABF work leading straight into tour production. i fell into an inevitable black hole during the release of my album where there is no air, light or exit. but last week got me electric for the first time in a long time. as the sound and visuals flowed in circuits through me for that moment only making my future vast and weightless

ionnalee wear at DSM


am väldigt proud to have my organic #EABF unisex wear available at DOVER STREET MARKET in store & online. DSM is an inspiring store / venue for fashion & arts developed by COMME des GARÇONS & Adrian Joffe.

thank you

to everyone who took part in making the #EABF tour happen, thank you. 🖤
can’t wait to see you all on tour this year.
the work with putting the tour together starts high pace today. more updates to come.

limited editions


marvelling at these freshly printed limited editions of CD/DVD/BOOK and double LP that i, John Strandh and Jacob Hulmston made for my new album and film. 🔥
get from STORE. now shipping from TWIMC HQ.

EABF film premiere

ionnalee; EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN film premiere

watch the premiere of the close to one-hour long film, EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN, tonight at 6 pm (UTC+ 01).

WORK single release

new single WORK is now available on Spotify.
taken from the album and film EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN, released 16 feb 2018 on To whom it may concern.

new stretch goals and rewards for the #EABF tour

every milestone reached realises a new goal. PLEDGE


  • 530K SEK - one more show added
  • 580K SEK - ionnalee & iamamiwhoami physical editions sold on tour
  • 640K SEK - the live version of DUNES OF SAND released
  • 710K SEK - one more show added
  • 780K SEK - a new unreleased ionnalee track released in june
  • 860K SEK - guest performances announced
  • 940K SEK - a video for the new unreleased track released
  • 1.2M SEK - more shows added (more information to come)
  • 1.7M SEK - two SAMARITAN dancers join ionnalee on tour
  • 2.2M SEK - secret reward
  • 2.4M SEK - more shows added (more information to come)
  • 2.7M SEK - a TWIMC popup store opens before each show
  • 3.0M SEK - more shows added (more information to come)
  • 3.2M SEK - ionnalee creates a new audiovisual album to be released summer of 2019


  • the original white wooden clogs worn by ionnalee in SAMARITAN + TICKET
  • the original typewriter from iamamiwhoami's CHASING KITES + TICKET
  • bring a friend and join ionnalee and crew on an after-show event in NEW YORK + 2 VIP TICKETS


CREATE THE ionnalee; #EABF 2018 work tour

i believe we can make an #EABF world tour happen by our own force. no matter my artist value in the age of dinosaurs. 41 days. all or nothing. if we make the goal at Kickstarter before march 16, the #EABF world tour is real.

ionnalee announces concert in London

ionnalee announces her first headline live concert at HEAVEN in London, UK, on May 9. this concert is the first ever ionnalee concert and her first performance in 5 years since the latest iamamiwhoami tour in 2013.

JOY video release

the official video for JOY is out now, directed by ionnalee and john strandh. taken from the album and film EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN, released 16 feb 2018, on To whom it may concern.

JOY single release

new single JOY is now available on Spotify.
taken from the album and film EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN, released 16 feb 2018 on To whom it may concern.

EABF vinyl


from the tropics back to the snow in stockholm greeted by this double 12-inch beauty fresh from print at the TWIMC office. proudly #EABF

the #EABF statue featured on the album cover


i made it from plaster and concrete in between editing of film. it took about a month to make. just before shooting it, i lost balance in transport and smashed it into three large pieces. 🏳️
managed to mend it and it’s now whole again.

photographed by the best John Strandh. this photo is featured in the image and lyric book that comes with the EABF physical editions that one can find in STORE.

DUNES OF SAND live in Fivelstad

i went back to Fivelstad where i started about 30 years ago. growing up there were no instruments in my house and no places to hang out in, but i was allowed to exercise in this church and dream big. it was a surreal and special moment coming back. and to ‘just sing’ this special song. thanks john, claes and the audience of dad, sister and the janitor.

thanks for 2017

behind the scenes of #EABF.

thank you, 2017. this was a year of climbing steep walls and gaining grand experiences. it was also a year of coming back to health after a time of heaviness. some of the moments that made a big and bright impact was adopting the homeless akita ‘ghost’, finishing this first self produced solo album after a 2-year process, making the film with the same name even though it’s still in the making, fronting an amazing world tour with the two suveräna i Röyksopp, working with Adrian Joffe and COMME des GARÇONS, and gaining new friends in ibiza. thanks to TWIMC for all the fun and for the hard work: John, Claes, Matilda B, Daniel, Jacob, Matilda M. and: thanks to you who listen, watch, take part and spread the message! i will see you live in 2018 🔥

GONE video release

ionnalee; GONE

the new video for GONE, directed by ionnalee and john strandh, is a vital chapter int the full film counterpart to ionnalee’s coming new album EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN. due for release on 16 feb 2018 on her own label To whom it may concern.

ionnalee announces new album EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN

ionnalee by John Strandh

Jonna Lee will bring the evolution of her ten-year creative career to a new peak with the release of her maiden ionnalee offering, the album EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN, on 16 february 2018 on To whom it may concern.

a studio album and, in due order, a standalone filmic counterpart (co-created with cinematographer John Strandh, in alliance with fashion and art trail-blazers COMME des GARÇONS). this is the most ambitious project which the Stockholm-based master of audiovisual artistry has embarked on.

the brand new single, ‘GONE’, which keen-eared followers will recognise as a reconfiguration of the fourth, so-called (by fans) ‘PAPACHOO’, prelude, comes with a video directed by ionnalee together with John Strandh and it is a key chapter in the longer visual narrative arc supporting EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN.


ionnalee; SIMMER DOWN

ionnalee drops the new dark, spectral synth-dressed chorale SIMMER DOWN. out today on To whom it may concern. and Kobalt Music. listen.

the nordic treaty

ionnalee, Röyksopp, Susanne Sundfør, Jamie Irrepressible, and Kjetil Møster, in Oslo, Norway, 24 June 2017

polaroid of ionnalee with Röyksopp, Susanne Sundfør and Jamie Irrepressible, before their performance at OverOslo festival in Norway on june 24.

NOT HUMAN video release

the video is directed by WAVE, aka ionnalee and her long-time collaborator cinematographer John Strandh.

NOT HUMAN is chapter 6 out of ?

ionnalee and RYXP live Athens

ionnalee live with Röyksopp

Röyksopp and ionnalee’s european tour begins friday.

june 2 is not only the release date of ionnalee’s new single NOT HUMAN, it also marks the first concert of Röyksopp and ionnalee’s european tour which begins at RELEASE ATHENS in Greece.

NOT HUMAN trailer

Dover Street Market premieres the trailer for ionnalee’s new audiovisual NOT HUMAN.
out june 2 on TWIMC/Kobalt music. made in visual alliance with COMME des GARÇONS.

secret gig London


ionnalee played a secret gig at a dinner in London, UK, hosted by COMME des GARÇONS and AnOther magazine on February 19, 2017. previewing 2 new songs, as well as a version of FOUNTAIN by iamamiwhoami.