1. sever
  2. drops
  3. good worker
  4. play
  5. in due order
  6. idle talk
  7. rascal
  8. kill
  9. goods
performed by
produced by
Claes Björklund
music by
Jonna Lee & Claes Björklund
lyrics by
Jonna Lee
mastered by
Dan Smith
directed by
Robin Kempe-Bergman
cinematography by
John Strandh
production design and styling by
Agustín Moreaux
costumes by
Agustín Moreaux & Klara Bjärkstedt
produced by
To whom it may concern.
executive produced by
Jonna Lee
graphic design by
Jan Scharlau
distributed by
TWIMC / [PIAS] Cooperative
released by
To whom it may concern.
released on