1. MACHINEE 6:34


working the wheel.
one eye alert and one asleep.
mouth on me, projected through the lens of you machinee.
i want to feel you creep into the very core of me.
’cause nothing is ever enough, machinee.

through hurt of steel.

what is the melting point of my core?
when is the song forgotten?
what is unseen inside of me?
when does my conscience turn greed?
stay for the later applause.
might catch it if you linger.
wanna sit and do as you’re told.
your liquids turn my body cold.

working the wheel.
a handful of thoughts i must conceal.
anything that bring me any sense of joy, they steal.
i need to feel you creep into the very core of me.

working the wheel, wheel.
creep into the very core.
working the wheel, wheel.
a handful of sounds of joy

produced by
performed by
ionnalee & Claes Björklund
mixed by
Johannes Berglund
mastered by
Sören von Malmborg
photo by
John Strandh
graphic design by
Jacob Hulmston
released by
To whom it may concern.
released on